Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zootopia Movie Review

We had an early out day yesterday so I got together with my friends to see Zootopia which was quite good.

The movie starts out with a seen of the strong picking on the week. The predators on the pray. Then it explains that zootopia lives in peace.

The main Character is a Bunny who wants to be a police officer in the city Zootopia. She has to work really hard at her dream to be an officer. She learns how to do things her way instead of everyone else's way which made me think about my learning disabilities. She wanted to be a police officer to make the world a better place. In her journey to become a police officer she is given a hard time because she is a bunny.

She meets a Fox while she is on parking duty who she became friends with and who helps her to solve the case of the missing animals. She was given impossible odds to solve the case or she would be asked to resign. Her back story was a story of rejection and opposition. Everything told her she couldn't be an officer. The Fox's story, he wanted to be in a peace club but he was rejected because he was a fox. They told him he couldn't be trusted. The bunny didn't know if she could trust him either for a while.

She finds that the Predator Animals are going savage (or crazy) and they thought it had to do with genetics. All of the predators where seen as bad for a while. In reality the sheep secretary at the Police office was targeting the predators to keep the power on the pray. She was part of an operation that shot the predators with a poison that made them go savage. She later realized that she had made a huge mistake and any of the animals could go savage.

In the end Officer Hops and the Fox end up as police partners and friends. They were able to defy the odds before them and become something amazing together.

Officail Trailer:

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