Saturday, June 26, 2021

Free Verse Poetry about Love

Risk and Gain

Love hurts, but it also rewards. 

Love can cut deep as swords.

To love someone is to open yourself.

to believe in another when he may not himself

To fall fast in love is to teleport 

exhilarating until the other has to abort.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Part Five: Tales of the Universal Knights

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If you missed any portion of the story so far, you can catch up by clicking on the segment you have missed. Please enjoy the next part of the story in the adventures of the Universal Knights. 


Kirsten is hospitalized at the Universal Knight's headquarters in southern Utah with Patrick the scientist after he personally mounted her rescue from Naha. 

Part Five: 

It had been at least a day and a half since I arrived in the hospital wing of our headquarters, mabey longer given that I couldn't tell if it was day or night. Time passes about the same out in the universe for me as it does for all the people of earth. 

All of the sudden all I could think or feel was pain. Crushing pain. Stabbing pain. Pain so strong that I curled up, clenched my fists, and cried out. Pain shot through my whole body like lightning across a night sky. It was as if a multi-headed angry dragon was inside me. The dragon bit, snarled, and spewed fire upon my soul as if I had attempted to steal it's hard of treasure from under its nose. Enraged the beast seemed to sink its many teeth into my skin. I yelled out for the doctor with desperation. My vision began to blur with the sobbing snotty tears of agony. 

I wondered when this intense pain would end, and I couldn't understand how it could be so severe. I wanted to go back to Naha where I belonged and resume my service as a knight. Instead, I was rendered useless to the fleet, stuck in the hospital and training facility in California. It felt that the greater purpose of life I had been holding onto was torn away from me. Even if I was annoyed with the knights at times, I needed them. 


Several days later I was finally allowed to go home. I was sent with a doctor's note explaining that there had been an accident. I felt crushed by the weight of returning to civilian life. I almost died.  Then Patrick, my friend in the universal knights, almost also died trying to get me out of the collapsing interstellar portal. How could I return to my former life as if nothing had happened here when I had seen so much and served with all of my soul for the good of the Universe? The simple answer was I couldn't return to life as if nothing had happened because I had changed. 

Returning was agony, resting was restless, and inside I still felt a determination to return to the knights as soon as possible. I laid in bed wanting to go to school, ashamed at how much I had taken college campus life for granted. How could I have been so oblivious to the miracles right in front of me? Anger swelled in my chest. It didn't seem fair that so much suffering came from doing the one thing I loved with my everything. 


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