Monday, February 8, 2021

Using Fiction to Describe CRPS

“All of the sudden all I could think or feel was pain. Crushing pain. Stabbing pain. Pain so strong that I curled up, clenched my fists, and cried out. Pain shot through my left ankle like lightning across a night sky. It was as if a multi-headed angry dragon was in my foot. The dragon bit, snarled, and spewed fire upon my ankle and leg as if I had attempted to steal it's hard of treasure from under its nose. Enraged the beast seemed to sink its many teeth into my skin. I yelled out for the doctor with desperation. My vision began to blur with the sobbing snotty tears of agony.” - Tales of the Universal Knights, Evergreen. 

CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a beast! It's now about learning “How to train your Dragon” in a metaphorical way. 

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