Sunday, November 22, 2020

Maximize your Community Day Pokemon Go Gameplay in the Pandemic

To prepare for a Pokemon Go community day during the pandemic is tricky, especially if you are stuck in quarantine. However, I am going to provide some simple tips to maximize your gameplay. 

First off you will want to make sure you have enough incense to last you the entire duration of the community event. Most people will recommend purchasing it, but I enjoy grinding for coins by defending gyms. You can also get incense from a lot of the special research tasks. 

Second, you will need to stock up on pokeballs a couple of days before the event. This is where it is beneficial to expand your item bag storage. Again, you can do this without any in app purchases, it just might take a bit longer so be patient. Sending and opening gifts with your friends is a pretty easy way to stock up on items too. Currently, you can get up to 15 gifts bet day from your buddy Pokemon as COVID 19 cases are climbing even higher. 

I also recommend some lucky eggs to get the XP boost to help you level up faster. In addition, I like to use a star piece at the same time to double my stardust earnings. Most of the time I can get these items from special research as well. 

You will want to clear out your Pokemon storage as much as possible so that you can keep catching Pokemon over an extended period. It gets pretty tedious to be constantly clearing out your storage space. 

During the most recent community day, I got 9 shiny magmar without even leaving the house!

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