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“Truth must always remain yet it must always face opposition, without such opposition there would be no need to conquer our fears.” – Shyelle – Rise of the Dragon Kingdoms.

 August 1st, 2013, I embarked on my writing journey that has forever changed my life. After dreaming of becoming an author I decided that from this day on I would become an author. It hasn’t been easy to keep that dream alive these past four years. I wanted to write a book that was missing from our libraries. I didn’t know then just how far that decision would take me today. Just like my hero, Kirsten, in the Shyelle Series, I have had a fair share of hurdles to overcome as well. I too was diagnosed with learning disabilities on February 1st, 2016.

At this point, I had already completed three drafts of the first book “Shyelle – Rise of the Dragon Kingdoms”. There was no way I would let this get in my way of publishing, or so I thought. There where still classmates in our school that didn’t believe me that I had written and rewritten the manuscript three times by my junior year of High School.

Eventually, the antics and teasing got to me, so the very next day I came marching into school head up and with bounce to my step holding a printed copy of the manuscript bound together with a few binder clips. It was a hundred and twenty pages long (60 pages double-sided) in twelve-point Times New Roman Font then, formatted in an eight and a half by eleven-word document. That got all the jocks to shut up, or more accurately to gawk open-mouthed.

 From a blank page, a number two yellow pencil, and an idea the Shyelle series was born. It’s funny now to think that it first originated in a 25 cent composition notebook. I am a firm believer in successful ideas coming from very humble beginnings. Just before starting my freshman year of High School, I made a goal, I wanted my novel published before I left High School. I am proud to say that this long-awaited slaved for dream is actually happening now that I am a senior! More than achieving my dream, the Shyelle series is written as a beacon of hope for other people like me who struggle with learning challenges, especially ADHD and Dyslexia.

You may have noticed the statement on the home page: “I offer audio files with all books and stories in efforts to be dyslexic friendly as I am dyslexic myself as the author.” As an author, it’s my goal to share a message for everyone about learning disabilities. I also really wanted my business to stand out as something different. There are limited audiobooks available for dyslexic readers today. I myself have to have audio files to read pretty much anything. You might be wondering how I even managed to write an entire novel if I can hardly read. I truly know that my learning disabilities are not disabilities to me if I focus on ability.

Dyslexia gives me a unique power and drives to create. I think better in three dimensions rather than two. This natural way of thinking has allowed me to build Shyelle mentally from the ground up and then walk right into it. I can’t show you physically what I see but I can describe it through words that put your unique version of Shyelle in your head as the reader. Despite my reading and spelling challenges I dared to write my story, each character with a unique superpower and a unique disability.
Now it has come time to share my message with the world! After working for long hours with my editor, researching publishing methods, designing my cover art and bringing forth an online presence my Novel is taking root. However, the message can only be heard if it is read and spread by you! I realize that my readers will be the ultimate driving force to keep the story alive. So, If you like my books and want to support me and my start-up business please SHARE IT! Together we will spread an incredible story of hope!

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