Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Part 3: Tales of the Universal Knights!

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 Hi there readers, it's me, Kirsten, I took over the blog for Amanda Evergreen momentarily. It's me who that cuningly brilliant author has placed in the path of danger! She last left you wondering if I'd get off of Naha alive & having accomplished the Mission of my fellow Knights! I'm here to continue my own story today!

Anyway, this is how the story should actually be told...

I felt that I had failed in the mission that Patrick had entrusted me to do here on Nada as the native man stormed away from me, anger fuming from his splashing steps down the cobblestone road. I was frozen in foggy confusion mixed with the physical numbness of the rain that still drizzled from the night sky.

I needed to find the dralcons and drageels. It was high time that I put them all back on their own world, far from civilized systems. I was tired of the trouble makers interrupting my studious endeavors. Not that these creatures would care about respecting my will to learn at college. They were more trash the place with parties type. Known for bending and breaking the rules so far that there were no punishments pre-determined for their actions. So that's why I'm here, babysitting duty level like literally five million! I didn't have the patience for this at all today if you can't already tell.

Yeah okay, so mabey I'm not as good of a writer as my author, but, I'm taking control now! Whatever you do, don't let Amanda edit my work! I can't die okay! Seriously, I am too important to the story.

So, here I am, coming back to write, only to discover that my character has taken over my story!

Kirstein was unsettled by the man she met, she wanted to know why he would even bother speaking to a knight if he didn't like the Universal Knights. His purple skin was so new, it was both a wonder and an anomaly to her all at once. Space is a big place, a very big and very lonely place at times. No life can survive in space without being prepared to meet it head-on. These people would rather take matters into their own hands-on Naha. Though, I, Kirstein, doubt that Patrick would be listening to me.

I tried to connect to Patrick's communication frequency, but to no avail. Only static. I was panicked before the Nahadian told me that they didn't approve of the knights, but now the panic was rapidly confining me. The cold rain mixed with my shallow breaths made me dizzy until I felt myself falling.

I (Kirsten) awakened at the control center of the Universel Knights in Southern Utah. I knew where I was, but everything else was foggy. I didn't know how I got here. My eyelids dropped, trying to push me back into the realm of sleep, my appendages felt heavy as if there were weights placed on top of me. My arms stung as if thousands of needles had been placed into them. Then, it felt as if my skin was burning with hives, an itching sensation so strong that it burned with pulsing pain. There was an odd metallic taste in my mouth, the unpleasantness of it made me feel a bit queasy. I wondered if I had been put under by the doctors at the facility, but it seemed unlikely given that the knights had pulled me off of Naha.

Still, I couldn't get the Nahadian man out of my mind. He seemed to have lost hope that his own world could defend itself. I felt it was my duty to help them, even if they didn't want the help. My oath as a Univercail Knight was to protect all species across the universe, not just my own. I had a sense of belonging because of my oath, and I would die if neccicairy to defend the values of my Shyellian family lines. I didn't fight for the glory of war, I was a Knight for the honor of helping others. I joined the Knights for the purpose of saving my own people of Earth, and the innocent on Shyelle. If I was going to defend these people of Naha, I needed them to want my help though. Otherwise, they could turn on me.

It's kind of ironic that the very people I am trying to protect could be launching plans to kill me and my friends simply because we are part of an intergalactic union that is built on values of honor and bravery. I suppose it is also time we respected the wishes of those who don't want our influence, but I hate to leave the Nahadians defenseless against the drageels.

I wished that I could talk to Uziel now as thoughts swirled in my unsettled mind. I longed for his strength, especially for a time as now when I felt that my own strength was fading. I knew that Uziel could assure me that I had done my best on Naha, and I honestly needed that reassurance now more than ever as I considered all the things I should have done.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

With Wings of the Phoenix: Rising Above Less than Ideal Situations

 A Phoenix is a mythical bird said to rise from the ashes. A phoenix gains even more power as it rises again from the fire and ashes. So, could a phoenix symbolize the rebirth of something within ourselves? Something humanity is aspiring to?

The short answer is, Yes. But why? A Phenix must first pass through sorrow, pain, suffering, and even the intense heat of the flames before becoming reborn as even more beautiful than before. So it is with us as well in the middle of an experience that threatens to break us at the very center of all we believe. I've experienced a few events like this in life. From being hit by a car, to painful recovery, and to CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome).

I could admit that the journey is hard, but those words I feel are far to megear to describe the enormity of what has happened to me over the last 18 months. In all it's worth, I've found that I'm not as invincible as I may appear to be on the surface. I mask a lot of darkness, and, I decided that it's high time to rid myself of its imprisonment. Grief, anger, frustration, Self-doubts and yes, even depression have deeply affected me in conjunction with my physical challenges after the accident.

Yet, I still believe that peace is possible because I have found it once before. Hope is also something that I know is waiting for me on the other side of this grief. Some people in my church say to just forgive and forget, yet, there are times that forgiveness can't and shouldn't come immediately. In order to truly forgive, a person must also accept what is and what they have no power to change. But, that is where I've been stuck for a while. I never have made it into the process of grief far enough to be open to other people's perspectives.

So, I also decided that it was time to do one of the hardest things for anyone who struggles with mental health challenges, which is to speak out about it seeking professional help. It's not easy for most to understand, I get that. But, for crying out loud, if you had a life-threating injery you would be in the hospital treating it right away. You wouldn't even think twice. If you had bones sticking out of you, it would be a clear indication that death is taunting you.

"Without hope, we have nothing"

- Shyelle Series

These posts exist with a purpose! I would not dare to write them if I didn't believe in the meaning of their messages. You see, I don't write just to have my words remembered, I write to expose ideas, opinions, conflicts, morals, and even life lessons. I write "as an act of hope." Words are freedom from the things you hide, from the silence I was forced into. I learned that words are powerful tools, and yes, even weapons too. Words can convey the most potent of human emotions.

To feel, that is the fire. It can be hot, it can burn us to feel loved, then to have it all crash down. Its risky and those of us who live with our hearts on our sleeves are often told that we are too emotional, too high matnience. But, when we shut out our emotions, we also shut out our humanity. As a whole, we are generally motivated by emotion. But, none of us can be happy all of the time.

There are days that I do wish that people saw my not so happy side. Why? Because most see what they want to see, not the suffering. Most people don't see the dragon of CRPS for what it is, the don't see the emotional pain left behind from the physical suffering either. I don't always believe that suffering is something to be ashamed of. It's alright to suffer, it's alright to have times rock ya a bit.

The whole reason this post talks about a phoenix is because it is ultimately your choice to rise from the ashes of adversity or not.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Today I Met a Time Traveler

 Hello, Fans and Readers! Today I am going to share my newest little project with you! Today I Ran into a Time Traveler is the title of a short story I have been working on and I thought it would be fun to let you guys join me in the writing journey for this project.

So without further wordy boredom, here is the first draft of the short story Today I Ran into a Time Traveler. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions at the bottom of this post! Also this draft is hand written so I had to scan it in.

Also, this is just part one of many to come so be sure to follow my blog via E-mail for continued posts!

So here's some questions for you guys!

1) Do you like the name Sabastion?

2) Did you like part one? Why or why not?

3) Do you think Sabastion is a Protagonist or an Antagonist?

If you have enjoyed this post you can check out my own novel here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/amanda-evergreen/shyelle-rise-of-the-dragon-kingdoms/paperback/product-23296355.html 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Can Alien Planets be found with the Luminescence Detection of it's Parent Star?

Can tiny differences in luminescence lead us to discover alien planets? My research this week yields to answer this question contrary to the answer I expected. I thought that I would find a simple answer of yes, when the moon blocked our sun on August 21st, 2017 it got dark. So, that means that we can find exoplanets by observing the light patterns or luminescence given off by parent stars, right? While this scientific claim is in fact partially true it’s also wrong because this claim doesn’t tell us the whole story. Light observation alone cannot detect an exoplanet orbiting another star outside our solar system.

In a scientific review article by Drake Deming and Sara Seanger I found this bit of information. “The exoplanet, 51 Peg b was discovered by measuring the line-of-sight velocity of the star as it orbited the center-of-mass of the system.” In simpler terms the light detection alone did not lead to the discovery of 51 Peg b. This proves that the discovery of exoplanets has to be done by a combination of factors and mathematical calculations. What these two authors are claiming is that by using the Kepler law of planetary motion as a guide the calculations were able to prove the existence of 51 Peg b. However, they did need to observe the light being blocked from the parent sun of this planate first. This lead scientists to the theory that there was a planate there, but to prove it they had to calculate how much light was blocked in relation to the normal light being emitted from the parent star. From here they could calculate the mass, size and velocity of the star and the planate making a transit in front of the star.

I also found by reading in a second article published by Australian Geographic the same information that I had found in my first article about light only being able to detect the wobble and light radiation discrepancy of stars and not exoplanets. At least, not directly. The article from Australian Geographic brings up an interesting point. If light can be omitted by the exoplanet itself, it will become undetectable. This could also apply if the planate where to have a light reflecting surface such as our moon.

Third, only a small percentage of exoplanets can be detected at this time because only about thirty presents of our observable star systems have planets close enough to their suns for us to detect a light discrepancy. The first exoplanets to be discovered where known as Hot Jupiter’s, large gaseous planets that are extremely close to their stars also block out a significant amount of light compared to an earth sized planate.

Fourth, “The increasing accuracy of spectrometers makes it possible now to detect planets down to masses of a few Earth masses.” However, the problem with these methods is that only planets who are close to their stars are detectible at this present time. Originally, scientists went about looking for exoplanets by looking for a small wobble in the star’s orbital path. The gravitational effect of a planate on its parent star is that the small traces of gravitational attraction pulls the parent star in a small circular path towards the planets that orbit it. Because this method produced not very accurate results it was abandoned. The wobble of a star was hard to detect until recent technology improved detection ability’s. Now the wobble of a star is used as evidence leading to the prof of the presence of an exoplanet but just like light differences, it alone does not prove the presence of an exoplanet either.

Finally, to sum up, I have found that light pattern observation alone cannot discover an exoplanet. However, by building on the knowledge that an exoplanet can indeed block the light of its star we are able to mathematically calculate its presence.

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Video One: Crash Course Astronomy Episode 27: Exoplanets

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(The reason I have cited this video is that I used it to gain some background information of my topic, the information provided in this video was confirmed by my articles from reputable sources. However, it is a source of information, therefore cited to give credit to where credit is due.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book/Movie Review: Enders Game Written by Orson Scott Card

Enders Game was my gateway Novel into the exploration of the Science Fiction genre. The book follows the main character, EnderWiggan, an incredibly intelligent six-year-old boy who was drafted into the I.F. (International Fleet)

Ender was tracked from birth by the government because he is a third child on an overpopulated future Earth. On top of being a "third" Ender is also amounted to the physically weakest in his launch group of kids who are drafted to the I.F. to go to battle school to defeat the Aliens (known as the Buggers) before they invade Earth in a Second War.

The book brings out themes of standing against bullying and a dystopian government. I connected with Ender's Game on a deeper level, however, when I made the connection between the way that the teachers in the Battle School try to crack Ender to his breaking point and how I felt pushed to my limits by my high school administration who refused me services for my learning challenges. The way that Ender takes unconventional approaches to his battles throughout the book is inspiring and creatively motivating. Ender learns that by finding patterns he can also break them and be individualistic.

Now onto the Ender's Game Movie Trailer