Monday, July 30, 2018

Returning Earlier than Expected from my LDS Mission & How I'm Finding Hope

I wasn't sent home early for any fault of my own. I was hit by a car while out biking to an appointment. I thought I would be able to return to finish the last 16 months of full-time church service, but, that wasn't the case. However, I am proud of the fact that I still came back with honor and I released for medical needs for my ankle and leg injuries that had caused debilitating pain at the time. I was diagnosed with CRPS, Cronic Regional Pain Syndrome about 6 months later.

CRPS is ranked among the topmost painful conditions known in the medical world, and there is no permanent cure for it. It means that my nerves fire constantly, that the pain signals never shut off. I wanted so badly to stay in the field and serve, but, I couldn't get out to ride a bike, I couldn't walk without falling into things because the pain became so intense. There wasn't much of a choice in going home for me, it was more of a mandate. Yeah, I couldn't serve much after the injury, but coming home was and still is difficult.

I never expected to be writing this, but I've been back since June of 2018. It's taken me a long time to be able to write again. I spent fifteen weeks as a full - time volunteer missionary as a representative of Christ. However, the normal duration of service for girls is 18 months.  The experience of becoming an LDS missionary is something that I am so grateful that I had! I found more joy and happiness than I've had in a long time because of my time as a missionary! Even if I knew that my time would be cut short from the beginning, I still would have served!

 What did Becoming a Missionary Teach Me?

As a missionary, I gave up 18 months to fly to Arizona to tell people about finding hope and joy through Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Because of Christ, I find hope to overcome dyslexia, ADHD, Depression and even to forgive those who have deeply hurt me in life. The power of Christ has changed my life and it still continues to do so. I choose to be a "mormon" because I know for myself that it's true. I know it's true because I have asked God himself if this is his true church. I received my own personal answer that was peaceful, calm, and amazing! You can receive an answer too, just as I have.

My experiences as a missionary taught me that my struggles give me an incredible gift for empathy. It's pretty amazing that God trusted me to do his important work for a brief time. I am a far from perfect mortal, and yet, I can tell you that our Heavenly Father's love is strong and individualized for both you and me. I found that his love is amazing, peaceful and perfect!

It's truly incredible to see others find joy and happiness through the gospel and that's why I wanted to be a missionary. I volunteered to go talk to people on the streets of Arizona in 115 degrees because I truly believe that the message is what mattered most! My mission has opened my eyes to the fact that God really is mindful of me and the fact that he blesses my life in little ways every single day!

So, What's next?

Now that I am back, I want to use my blog as a tool to reach people who can benefit from uplifting ideas, stories, and articles. The entire reason that I write to begin with is to help others. I write to share stories and ideas that matter in life! I'm a dyslexic author who made her debut with a published novel, but, I am also a person who wants to give back the gift of reading and learning.

The healing process is looking like it's gonna take a while, so in the meantime, I want to be writing posts again. This time with a new perspective on life! I feel that my blog has been one of the best ways to reach people so, I want to build up the community here! Please leave comments and likes on my posts!