Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book/Movie Review: Enders Game Written by Orson Scott Card

Enders Game was my gateway Novel into the exploration of the Science Fiction genre. The book follows the main character, EnderWiggan, an incredibly intelligent six-year-old boy who was drafted into the I.F. (International Fleet)

Ender was tracked from birth by the government because he is a third child on an overpopulated future Earth. On top of being a "third" Ender is also amounted to the physically weakest in his launch group of kids who are drafted to the I.F. to go to battle school to defeat the Aliens (known as the Buggers) before they invade Earth in a Second War.

The book brings out themes of standing against bullying and a dystopian government. I connected with Ender's Game on a deeper level, however, when I made the connection between the way that the teachers in the Battle School try to crack Ender to his breaking point and how I felt pushed to my limits by my high school administration who refused me services for my learning challenges. The way that Ender takes unconventional approaches to his battles throughout the book is inspiring and creatively motivating. Ender learns that by finding patterns he can also break them and be individualistic.

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