Monday, December 19, 2016

Unexpected Invite to the Christmas Ball

Hello Friends & Followers!

How are you all? Tell me in the comments bellow. :) I have a bit of news for you all! I got a job at my local mall now instead of the fast food joint I had been working for. It's a job I am a little more excited to be at. What do you all do for a job? Is it fun? What do you like about it?
It's been a bit of a hectic little while for me lately between school, work and preparation for Christmas.

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Christmas dance with a guy from my school, Mike.
I hadn't been expecting to go out to the dance because of what has happened between Andrew and I but even after that painful experience I still got asked to the dance, and hey, even if it wasn't by who I expected it turned out alright in the end.
Bowling before the Dance :)

My answer back for Mike. The note was inside the present all rolled up like a scroll. 

It was a really fun experience to get to know Mike better, we didn't know each other very well.  He is known to be a kid that is a little weirder than the rest, however, once I looked past that I realized that he had a few things in common with me and an understanding for Mental Health too. Even more cool though where his dancing schools whoa! That boy can dance! I also found out that he has ADHD too just like me. It was nice to find someone who gets my life a little bit again.

I don't know what will come for Mike and I in the future but I do know that it helped me learn to move on from my past with Andrew and in a small way try to feel a little more normal again. These past couple of months have not been easy without Andrew. It's a new adventure to find my place in the world again. 

About Landon and Chase: 

Landon and Chase have actually been really stable lately, therefore you here less about them in my posts. On the other hand I am very proud of Landon who has recently become a Priest in the Priesthood of our LDS ward. He blessed the Sacrament with my Dad yesterday. Landon is finding his place in the school now that he is in his sophomore year at our high school. As for Chase I can't believe he is already a sixth grader! It's crazy to think that I was just there not to long ago and now look! I'm a Senior at our High School. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukia, Happy Festivious, and Happy Hollidays Everyone!