Thursday, February 27, 2014

Homework Thief (crazy adopted siblings)

Ever had someone steal your homework? Why would anyone steal homework anyway? It's a piece of paper! Yeah, so it has some value if you are a cheater. But seriously? Life is life and it could have been worse. For example, it could have been a chase that got to my backpack and doped it in the river. Then I would have to replace a tablet, math book, calculator, and redo three months' worth of work.
Chase won't leave me alone and I am trying to concentrate on this post thinking of Chase. He just came into the office and complained about having to go to the school meeting with me tonight. Then he tried to pull the chair away from me as I sat down and he is insisting on reading a stupid book out loud just for the annoyance factor... HE WON'T SHUT HIS MOUTH! 
None the less life could be worse. 

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