Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Life as an Adult with ADHD

When your a college student time is always of the essence. Yet, sometimes, you really need a breather. So, you write. You write to escape, to relax, to enjoy life again. You wish you had more time to write incredible things, but at last, you don’t.
So maybe you carry a notebook, jotting down ideas from time to time and telling yourself you’ll give it more thought later. But, then, it beacons to you. Something within screams that you must write.
Welcome to my life with ADHD. It’s great and terribly frustrating all in one. It’s like standing on the sidewalks of New York City and trying to focus on a single conversation. It’s like sitting underwater trying to see above the surface.
You see, the thing about being a writer is that your thoughts will create outrageous hyperboles to describe your life. When life gets into a stagnant routine, you lose touch of your creativity. After all most writers are also adventurous and daring souls.
However, if you’re a writer, you need to write to stay sane! You have to dump your fears and stress into the pages of a personal journal. You need time to rejuvenate yourself.
I learned this “scribble down for latter” thing from interesting articles on ADHD. Still, I’m not sure it always helps. With an ADHD mind, thoughts rush in & out without schedules or respect to the current situation. Then again, it’s these same racing thoughts that are written down that create the incredible posts on the blog and inspiration for my writing. ADHD isn’t always a totally bad thing.

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