Tuesday, January 16, 2018

8 Ways to STICK to Your Goals This Year!

  1. Write them Down and Post Them Somewhere You Will See Them Every Day...
Writing down your goals makes a physical connection in your brain that you've made a commitment to yourself. When your goals are written out, you are also much more likely to remember what they where to begin with.

2. Plan out baby steps to achieving your ultimate big goal
This is where you sit down and say okay, I have this great big goal to accomplish, but, how will I realistically get there? Creating smaller goals along the way will help keep you on track and you will feel great as you accomplish steps towards your ultimate goal.

For me, I wanted to publish my novel by the time I left High School. It seemed peaty lofty to most people but I was able to do it because I had set a timeline and deadlines for myself along the way.

3. Make your goals measurable so that you can see and track your progress 
Progress towards your ultimate goal is one of the best motivational tools you have for yourself so make good use of it! If you can see that your goals are worthwhile you are more likely to keep working towards them.

4. Remember that change can be HARD and MESSY
We humans are creatures of habit, we don't like change, we want to naturally stay stuck where we are today. Changing or forming new habits WILL require conscious effort. Set aside time in your day to work on your goals!

5. It's okay if you miss a few days, life happens 
Don't beat yourself up if you miss a few days at your habit-forming, the most important thing as that you get back up and back on track. Keep trying and learn from your failure. Maybe, you need to adjust your daily schedule to help you set aside time to work on your goals.

6. If your religious, use this to your advantage
I am a member of the LDS church also known as the "Mormons". We are faithful Christians in my home and believe that Christ can bring us strength, comfort and peace in our lives. I've grown up learning to rely on higher power than my human self to help me become better than I am today.

7. Reward yourself appropriately
Part of setting goals is also planing a reward for yourself. Maybe, a book you've wanted to read, a night to spend in a hot bath or some time to enjoy a hobby.

8. Let a friend or loved one help you along the way
Let someone else help keep you on track with your goals and actively listen to their advice.

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