Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lucid Dreaming: Flight to Space

I fell asleep in a peaceful state of relaxation. I welcomed the possibilities of the dreaming realm as I prepared to depart from the ground beneath our feet. I clicked pieces of my space armor into place one by one against my thermal suit. Each piece clicked into place to create an intricate envelopment around my body while still allowing for maximum mobility.
Ready to depart, I put the helmet over my head and sealed the airflow to the inside. The air was cool and crisp with a bit of a metallic taste against my toung as I inhaled. I began running across the sandy desert landscape to create lift against the wings of my suit as the high powered thrusters roared to life. A moment later and I shot up to the clear sunny sky.
Flying free I climbed higher into the atmosphere. Then, everything is weightless as I continue zooming forward into a sea of a billion stars shining against the darkness.
The stillness of the universe outside my suit is comforting.

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