Monday, May 24, 2021

Self Publishing is Tough and Here's Why

When I first self-published my novel Shyelle - Rise of the Dragon Kingdoms, I had high hopes for it's performance. Unfortanutly, at the time, I just didn't know much at all about marketing. That was definatly a major setback for me. As I learn more with my colage education, it is becoming clear that I am capable of succesfuly marketing the book. But, it's still work. 

I will admit that while I had planned it as a serries, it has been incresingly more difficult to find the time to actualy write books. The upkeep of a youtube channel and many socail platforms keeps me busy from the couch at home. It's a lot of work to self - publish, so, I really do advise that you have a background in entrprenership and marketing first. Mabey even a degree in some sort of marketing. 

The cold hard truth is that doing all your own marketing is extremely difficult in addition to the effort that goes into a novel of your own. You have to do your own graphics or pay someone to do them. Your cover art isn't done by the publishing agency when you self-publish either. You have to craft your own synopsis for the back of the book that further sells it. 

What about book signings, convincing retailers to order your book and that they can also sell it. You have to get posters made, social media campaigns, library promotional materials, and you have to somehow get some reviews on your brand new book. There is a lot of work involved in getting your book from your computer, to your hands to the readers of the world. 

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