Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull Book Review

First of all, this post will not contain any spoilers because the whole point of this review is to recommend an amazing novel without spoiling the unique experience you can gain by reading it!

Review of Dragonwatch from Amanda Evergreen's Perspective: 
Brandon Mull's newest novel Dragonwatch was published to the world in May of 2017! I am here to answer this question: Is it a good sequel to Fablehaven?

It's so much better than just a sequel to Fablehaven! This book is a continuation of the magic of Fablehaven story that took place in the magical Dragon Sanctuary, Wormwroost. Dragonwatch feeds mostly off of the events of the fourth book in Brandon's Fablehaven Series, Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. 

Originally, I had predicted that Dragonwatch would be focused on the children of Kendra and Seth. I was presently surprised to learn from Brandon's book trailer that Kendra and Seth still play rolls as the main characters in Dragonwatch. 

The fourth book in the Fablehaven series is by far my favorite because of Raxtous. He is the enchanted dragon who was raised by Fariys. Raxtous is very self-conscious about being the joke of the dragons because his breath "weapon" is to make things grow. However, Raxtous also has a courage fit for his dragon-sized heart. He ends up eating Gavin, the shape-shifting dragon who Kendra had a crush on in his Human self proclaimed Dragon Brother form. Because of Kendra being Fairykind and Raxtous being enchanted, Kendra can freely converse with Raxtous. When I found out that Raxtous had returned to make an appearance in Dragonwatch, I was way beyond hysterical with ecstatic excitement!

Brandon also introduced a few brand new characters into Dragonwatch! These new characters came as a total surprise for me so I will refrain from giving any more spoilers here by saying that I am fully impressed by Brandon's creativity in this area.

Also, Dragonwatch has an enthralling backstory behind its title. The word Dragonwatch refers to a legendary society of elite magical preserve keepers! The building climax in Dragonwatch kept me turning pages for a straight week (and I'm a tortoise type of reader)!

Lastly, Dragonwatch Is a must-read for you if you have enjoyed Fablehaven. There are a ton of incredibly artful plot twists!
Just in case you want to buy this book after reading my review I have included the cover art & the Amazon link: Please note that I am not in anyway paid to promote this book. I write these reviews to share great books with my fans and to build a community of common interest! 

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