Thursday, August 10, 2017

How Airline Flight Helped Me Learn About Dragon Flight! New Insights for Your Story! 

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Want to know how the logistics of Airline flying relate to the Flight of dragons? Recently my family had the amazing opportunity to go to Honolulu, Hawaii. We went for my Grandparents' Anniversary and the High School Graduation of my cousin and I.

I will begin by saying It's been ten years since I was on a plane prior to our tropical vacation. Ten years ago we my two brothers where adopted from Europe. Oh, how I had forgotten what take off actually feels like. A frightening array of G force in your face as you're shoved against the seat.

Really, it's quite amazing that the gigantic tube of metal with wings gets off the ground at all.
Furthermore, it got me thinking about the amount of mussel, thrust and surface area on the wings that a dragon would need to make flight possible. Obviously, a dragon with a human rider could not fly into the thermosphere as a plane does because of thin oxygen and harsh temperatures reaching down to -68 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, logically speaking flying as high as 36,000 feet means you need Airspace clearance.

The second bit of insight I gained from the flight was that everything is tiny above it. To illustrate this check out my photos below. There is a whole new perspective to discover above the world!

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