Saturday, October 7, 2017

Netflix Original TV Series Project MC^2 Released a 5th Season!

That's right! This nerdy show about a group of girls working as undercover spy operatives in the organization Innovate is back!  The new season five features only five episodes but each episode brings more excitement to the avid fans the show has gained. It's aim is to teach us that "Smart is the new Cool" and I have to agree.

The application of knowledge in the show is quite incredible. Each girl has expertise in technology, engineering, wearable technology, chemistry, problem-solving and so much more. The main character Mackala Micalister leads the operations in the fifth season to uncover who is about to set a vile of self-replicating nanobots loose at SpaceINC's destination mars summer camp.

Makala Micalister earned her bird award and is now know as the "Owl" as we learn in the last episode exclusive in season four. Makala's duty to perform well as the Owl puts her under new pressure to succeed. To through more twists and turns into the season, the guy she has been dating throughout previous seasons named Kyle has no idea she was kidnapped at the end of season four.

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