Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Photography at College

 Look at how beautiful that is!

Wow! Why haven't I ever known that there was a whole new dimension in photography? To be honest, probably because I haven't known how to use shutter speed and aperture on a camera before but oh my how incredible it has made my photography!

IMG_4244.JPG This is another shot of the grass taken at the same location here on campus. I never knew that the trick to a nice background was to shoot the pictures with the correct shutter speed and aperture.

Most importantly however is also the distance from which the photo was taken from the subject. In this case, I was standing around five feet away from the blades of grass and zoomed in for a nice shot.

The lighting here was not my favorite but overall it isn't bad for my first experience using a DSLR Camera.

This next shot is up even closer to the beautiful blades of grass. IMG_4252

This shot was taken at the same distance away from the grass with an even bigger zoom and look what happens! A single blade of grass remains sharp and clear in the lower region of the photo while everything else appears with soft edges. Now that's nice right? Still bad lighting though. However, as I kept shooting photos they gradually improved to be more and more satisfying in the depictions I was hoping for.

IMG_4245Now take a look at this bike tire and reflector. Because of the low lighting of the afternoon, the most light is focused on the reflector. I placed the reflector in my field of focus and took the picture. The texture in this photo makes the reflector pop against its background.




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