Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kalishia's Wings (Part Two)

 Scene 3 (Review)

"You built that?" Marsha gasped with amazement as she picked up Marvin's prototype.

"Yeah, couldn't sleep last night." Marvin apologized.

"This is genius!" Marsha marveled. "Does it work?"

"I think so, I was hoping to come up with something to help Kalishia." Marvin smiled.

"How will she land and take off though?" Marsha asked.

"Good point, I guess I didn't think about that." Marvin sighed.

"That's okay, I think we should show her what you have, it's incredible!" Marsha smiled.

"I guess it is a small ray of hope for now." Marvin replied.

Scene 4

Marvin and Marsha drove back up to the hospital to show Kalishia the prototype around Ten that same morning.

"Do you really think she will be excited about this?" Marvin asked as they drove back to the hospital.

"Well, it's better than the news she received from the doctors yesterday." Marsha shrugged.

"I just hope she doesn't think that the device will attract too much odd attention to her." Marvin commented.

"Anything we do will attract people staring at her, Marvin. It's just a fact of her life we will have to accept now." Marsha sighed heavily.

"Yeah, I guess your right, and a wheel chair isn't very mobile. I think we can give her more mobility than that with these wings." Marvin said excitedly.

Marvin pulled into the hospital parking lot and put the car into park outside the doors to the visitors entrance. Marsha took the box with the prototype in it out from the backseat as Marvin locked the doors of their family SUV.

"I kind of hope we won't have to get a new vehicle." Marsha said as they walked to the entrance. "Kalishia wont be able to get in there with a wheel chair."

"I think that things will work out. It's an adjustment for all of us, honey." Marvin replied with a hint of anxiety creeping into his voice.

Scene 5

"How are you doing, Kalishia?" Marsha asked as they entered her room.

"Not great." Kalishia sighed.

"I brought you something you might really like." Marvin smiled as he opened the box and motioned for Kalishia to look inside. "It took me most of the night to build."

"What is this?" Kalishia asked curiously, as she picked up the winged doll.

"It's a prototype for a mobility device that I hope to build for you. This one is remote controlled, but I hope that when you ware it that I can connect it into your brain waves and that it will become an extension of you." Marvin explained.

"That's amazing! And, to think that you stayed up all night, just for me." Kalishia replied, getting a bit emotional. "I'm so used to helping everyone else that it's strange to have people helping me."

"Want to see me fly it?" Marvin asked.

"Yeah!" Kalishia said, lighting up.

Marvin took the doll and flipped a switch on the back of the wings. He turned on the remote and then set the doll on the table beside Kalishia's bed. Marvin slowly increased the wing flap speed before adjusting the angle of the wings slightly upward as the doll laid on it's stomach. The doll took off from the table and Marvin flew it majestically in circles around the small hospital room.

"Whoa!" Kalishia exclaimed. "You'r going to build me something to let me fly like that?"

"I hope so!" Marvin smiled.

"But, I have to lay on my stomach, won't that be near impossible to do with the palatalization?" Kalishia asked.

"Yeah, you'r Mom pointed that out too. It's not perfect, but it's a good start." Marvin sighed.

"Don't feel bad, Dad. I love it! You'll find a way!" Kalishia smiled.

"Thank you for your positive spirit, Kalishia. I don't know what we would do without you!"

The doctor came into the room just as Marvin was putting the doll back into the box at Kalishia's bedside.

"What's that?" the doctor asked Marvin.

"Oh, this?" He replied, showing the winged doll to the doctor. "It's my idea to give Kalishia mobility eventually."

"Did you build this last night?" the Doctor asked as he examined the doll in his hands.

"Yeah, it took most of the night." Marvin smiled.

"I have never seen a parent so dedicated to ensuring that their kid could recover from paralysis as you, Marvin." The Doctor chuckled. "This is crazy, but it just might work. Though, I won't be able to let you use this until her bones heal. Also, you'll have to show me that it's safe for you to use first too.

"No problem. " Marvin smiled.

To be continued in the next post :) 

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