Monday, September 3, 2018

why are we drawn to do the impossible

 We hate failure, at least most of us do. But, what if I told you that most failure is the greatest teacher mankind has ever had?

Mankind has been chasing after the so called impossible of their time for years but the why behind it all is quite shocking. There is a phycological explanation, when we are told that we will never reach a dream, a deeply desighered passion, it ignights a fire within us to prove wrong our doubters. This drive has incredible and forceful strength.

Take Thomas Edison for example, the great inventor of the lightbulb was told that he wouldn't be able to create an electric lightbulb but he did!

Richard Paul Evans, the best selling author of the Michel Vey series personally lives with turrets syndrome. Yet his books have taught me that disability doesn't have to keep me, a dyslexic writer, from chasing my dreams. Richard Paul Evans taught me that being different is amazing!

Paul Orfala, the creator of Kinkos, now FedEx, was a dyslexic drop out who became a successful entrepreneur! Nobody saw that coming!

J.K. Rowling was rejected by 13 major publishers for Harry Potter. Now, the series inspired 7 movies and an entire theme park attraction!

George Washington, led the American Revolution's army into freedom. Yet, at Vally Forge the entire army nearly starved to death.

My point? All of these people faced hardships in their journey to reach an impossible dream. What is thought impossible today will beacon to the rising generation "I'm possible".

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